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25-12-2014, 03:11 PM

PSN Down!!!

Well settled down for a few hours damage last night, chill out before the joy of working Christmas Day. After an hour got a pop up that couldn't verify the licence for GTAV I bought from the PS Store and so I shut the game and all of a sudden all of my games were locked, not a one playable.

So checked the web, no official admission from Sony just "we are aware of issues...." on the twitter account @askplaystation.

So kept trying off and on for a bout 4 hours, nope still can't play any of the games that cost me about 400 in total, digital cause I prefer that.....Nope not a good idea is it, with the backdoor DRM that Sony have going on there, despite all the bad press that Microsoft got for suggesting similar things.

Well got up at 10am, quick play before work and was all fine, had my dinner and back on and the PSN is now undergoing maintenance......350 for the console, 400 in games and 40 for a PS plus account for a console I can't use on Christmas day, guess that Sony will have a hell of a lot of returns on Boxing day with people returning the shiny bricks that they can't use.

I know it will be a hack or DDOS attack or the like, but for God sake how much money do they want from you to actually provide a service that works, thought that the whole point of paying for PS plus was to get better infrastructure and a more stable and secure service. I am really disgusted at both Sony and whoever the sad little virgins are that have perpetrated this on Christmas day, man I wish I worked in cyber crime!!!

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26-12-2014, 01:44 AM

Re: PSN Down!!!

You could always ask for a move/promotion

Seriously tho, I wasn't aware that you had to have an active internet connection to play games you have bought. Also, I think my PSN plus just expired and I tried to play a free PSN plus game that I had downloaded ages ago - it didn't work either :/

PS - welcome back!

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26-12-2014, 02:33 AM

Re: PSN Down!!!

It's down? I didn't notice. I guess I've been too busy.

I guess I did notice that Music Unlimited was having trouble logging in, but I have enough songs in offline mode that it didn't matter.

It looks like Sony isn't alone.

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30-12-2014, 03:37 PM

Re: PSN Down!!!

Yeah, Christmas day access was a shambles due to hack. Couldn't get any new singstar songs...was well annoyed, how was I meant to keep the neighbours up to the early hours?

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