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31-10-2013, 07:22 PM

This gen, gonna dent PC gaming rather than boost it?

Many people think this new gen is a bit of a victory for PC gaming, but it appears that that might not be the case.

Some excellent arguments put forward in this Battlefield preview:

  • Console gamers on a level playing field
  • Non-rich/very high end PC gamers not suffering if they go with console instead (higher end PCs will offer better frame rates etc - so if you can't afford one you're at a disadvantage)
  • Mid range (ie not high end on 1000+ pc) will have a better experience on a console due to the cost-performance ratio of consoles.
  • No hackers

What do you think?

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31-10-2013, 11:02 PM

Re: This gen, gonna dent PC gaming rather than boost it?

I think that consoles and PCs feed off of, and boost each other. Especially now. PCs produce the new hardware, than consoles pick up and adopt. Consoles then push the software to the edge of what that hardware is capable of, which gives you better games on the PC. Without consoles, PCs would probably continue to be stuck in 32 bit for software for quite awhile.

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