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11-05-2012, 06:32 PM


Raptr Mini-review:

I've been using Raptr for a few months now, and find it to be quite useful as a way to track how well I'm doing in games against my friends. Unfortunately, it only compares scores for people that have installed the client on their system.

It tracks both Achievements and Trophies on the PS3/Xbox/Steam systems, and it also tracks how many hours you put into PC games in general, and can track a wide range of games. It measures your participation in those games against your friends, as well as the whole of the Raptr community, and gives you rankings from Amateur to Elite on each game.

To see an example of this, my profile is here:

It normally tracks these things automatically, but it will also let you enter time for some games manually, and add games for systems like the DS or Wii into the system directly.

Another side benefit to the client is that it allows you to see who is online across all of the services you use, so you can see all your steam, raptr, psn, and xbox friends on a single list, so you don't need to fire these systems up just to see if you have people to play a certain game against.

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