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16-11-2012, 01:35 AM

Lone Survivor PS3\PSV

Lone Survivor coming to PS3 and PS Vita

Can't wait for this. I hope they do CROSS buy!

Thatís right, something wonderful has also happened in this time period. I have something Iím very excited to announce:

LONE SURVIVOR is coming to PS3 and PS Vita!

Itíll be re-coded from scratch by Curve Studios in London, creators of a number of great PS3 games like Fluidity, Hydroventure and Explodemon. Itíll be super-smooth running, and better yet (for my European cousins, at least) the plan is to include translations into French and German.

Iím greatly looking forward to this, as itís been a dream of mine since childhood to release a game on console, and especially the Sony ones as I love what they do most of all. Anyone who follows my twitter will know that I donít tend to play games on PC, I really am a couch gamer, most happy on my PS3! Lone Survivor was designed as a console game (in my head, anwyay.) In fact, all the games I work on I really imagine being on console, or fantasise about, anyway!

So there is isÖ With one door closing, another opens.

Iíll be sure to let you guys know when I figure out what my own next project will be. Who knows, it might end up being the dating sim The Catamites suggestsÖ

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16-11-2012, 05:05 PM

Re: Lone Survivor PS3\PSV

Nice find Stenk - let us know what you think of it when you get it

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